Bird Cage

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I believe that the idea of butch and femme being the norm in paroding heterosexuality applies in the Birdcage. Both Armand and Albert display characteristics of a typical butch and femme relationship. Armand can act like a stereotypical male character, especially when he tries to be a straight male, and also runs the finances and the birdcage. He gets his voice deeper and can act more macho. Albert is very flamboyant and sensitive, he goes shopping and performs on stage. Albert is also very over the top when he plays Val's mother at dinner.
There are obvious roles in The Birdcage. With both Armand and Albert displaying characteristics of a heterosexual couple. Although there are significant differences between their relationship and a heterosexual one, the overall impression is very stereotypical of queer cinema.
This movie in my eyes does not play a big role in breaking into queer cinema because of its overly played stereotypes and constant typical humor.
I feel that the reading by Butler does apply to this film because of the representations by armand abd albert.

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