I believe that we can apply Butler's rationale to Armand and Albert's relationship. There are of course plenty of examples for the masculine/feminine stereotypes in their relationship, including Albert's overtly feminine voice and calling himself Val's mother. Armand is the hairy, more masculine, business-oriented male, while Albert is more emotional and performs as a drag queen. These can be seen as subversive because they certainly are different than the typical male/female relationship because it is two men, but also could be seen as imitating/mocking the typical conservative American coupling.

Butler would probably think this movie is a good example for her points on butch/femme relationships. I think that regarding typical heterosexuality, this movie reveals that our culture is conditioned to think of it as the norm and that its typical masculine/feminine ideals can be transferred to any relationship, be it straight, gay, or lesbian, through the butch/femme ideals. It could be a stretch to call Armand very butch, but I think that was the general idea.

I think there are a few positive things to be taken from the movie, including the simple fact that a loving gay relationship was being depicted, however stereotypically, and that the conservative parents against the wedding end up attending and at least somewhat accepting their new in-laws.


I agree with you that this movie is a good example of Butch/femme relationships. The point you made about the roles seen as subversive because they are mocking the typical american coupling. I also agree with the positive points that can be taken from the movie and feel that was a good point I missed.

I didn't actually think about it, but that is a good point to bring up that the film shows a very loving relationship between two men, which is rare in the media, especially considering the stereotype that all gay men are promiscuous and cannot stay in a relationship. Very good point to bring up!

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