Divine Fatness

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I think what Lebesco means by "the truths we think we know," are certain concepts, such as beauty or sexuality, that are widely believed to be something constant that everyone agrees on. The Western societal norm, or the "normate," as Erving Goffman would say, is white, heterosexual, male, height/weight proportional, "fit," etc. Therefore, most people regard beauty as a thin woman with large breasts, or a fit man with washboard abs. You would only have to turn on the TV or open an internet browser to see the millions of ads promising to help you lose weight, or television shows like "The Biggest Loser," which applaud people who are able to dramatically lose a lot of weight. Thin = beautiful. "Fat" can be reclaimed, just like "queer" or "slut." It certainly is possible for a fat person to be beautiful, and even proud of their body shape. I do believe that fat sexuality could be a queer form of sexuality, and the use of the word "revolting" can indicate an "in your face" anti-assimilation sort of attitude. So what if we're not like you? We're proud of it, and we'll show it off!

Female Trouble was queering bodies and sexualities and notions of beauty to the extreme. The lead character, played by Divine, was a fat drag queen who was regarded as beautiful. I think that the film was definitely poking fun at traditional notions of beauty, sort of saying that people can be made to believe anything is beautiful, like when Dawn had acid thrown in her face, and was so very crime chic about it all. Possibly the film also eludes to the damage that can be caused by building an entire life around being obsessed with beauty. There were many different kinds of bodies for us to observe in this film. Ida was a fat woman who felt most comfortable in a skin tight, revealing leather suit, and was convinced that all heterosexual people were the freaks. She desperately wanted her nephew, Gator to be gay. To me, that was an obvious stab at the ridiculous homophobic things that people say in regards to queer sexuality. I think the film was deliberately disgusting, and everything was done in excess, to illustrate subverting the norms to the absolute extreme.

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