Female Trouble

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I do most certainly agree that the terms Fat and Queer have been used, and still are used in negative fashions towards various groups, as well as general insults towards any unfortunate individual nearby who may break some social folkway. I do believe we are beginning to take these words, especially queer, and revolting against their particular uses and taking them and redefining them as our own. I feel that the way excess and sexuality and bodies are portrayed are very queer in their portrayal, as they directly go against all social norms and what we stereo-typically are supposed to find desirable in individuals. I think all the representations of bodies in the film were used not in a negative way, but in terms of shock value to the point of where we either can't watch the film, or we choose to view those bodies entirely differently. By forcing us to think about beauty and fat and sexuality in new ways, even if we don't agree, it at least forces us to think if not changes our way of viewing other bodies.

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