The Kids Are Alright

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When this movie was first coming out, I was excited about the prospect of a movie about two lesbians, played by very well known actors. However, when I got the chance to see it, I was sourly disappointed. The lesbian relationship in the film was not exactly a happy one. The couple had trouble still finding each other desirable, and didn't get much joy out of their sex life, until the dashing sperm donor comes in to rescue Jules from her hum drum sex life. Apparently, all that was missing from Jules' ability to enjoy sex was a male body. While I do think sexuality is fluid, and just because a woman identifies as a lesbian at one point, doesn't mean she always will, this was not the best example of that, considering the circumstances. I did like that Nic and Jules watched gay male porn to try to get off though; I think that is a far more interesting example of the diversity of sexuality.

Despite the harshness of Jack Halberstam's critique on "The Kids Are Alright," I found myself agreeing with him on many points. While reading his article, I would land on a particular bit of his argument and think "Yes! That is exactly what I was thinking while I was watching it!." As many people have mentioned, not everyone wants to live a non-monogamous life, with multiple sex partners and no kids. However, this movie seemed to really push the point that marriage and kids is the best way to go, gay or straight. Even though Jules seemed unhappy in her marriage with Nic, the movie ends with them staying together, patching things up, and we are supposed to accept that as the right thing to do. As Halberstam mentioned, it sees rather strange that the film was named after a song that depicts a man leaving his marriage and his kids, when it is the total opposite that happens. I am also so glad that he brought up the subtle racism in the movie! I noticed that too, and it sort of just shows to me that the makers of the film were really not as progressive as one might think.

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