The kids are fine but the portrayl of queer families in cinema is not

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Why does Hollywood insist that all lesbians are bisexual? They don't want to have sex with Mark Ruffalo, leave them alone. Why does Jules need to cheat with a man? Why does she need to cheat at all? To me, this movie was less about how both queer and straight families and more about how Amercia can have yet another reason to disapprove of queers since this movie shows the apparent dysfunciton of homosexuality.
This movie made me think of the article Queer Parents: An Oxymoron? Or just Moronic?. In this article Stephanie Schroeder says queers need to be the loud and proud after having kids. By not pledging their allegiance to their queer community they allow themselves to be considered a "'normal' individual" and "lesbian, queer, was secondary". This connects to Queer Kids of Queer Parents Against Gay Marriage in that the author is against gay marriage since our government has a history of neglecting the queer community. This is better demonstrated in the following text "We would like to see our queer community recognize marriage rights as a short-term solution to the larger problem of the government's desregard for the many family structures that exist. As queers, we need to take an active role in exposing and fighting the deeper sources of this problem. We won't let the government decide what does and doesn't constitute a family".
In sum "The Kids Are Alright" was a conservative view of a queer family. The family is white middle class. Also it entertains as Jack Halberstam says "casual racism" with the Black hostess and Latino gardener. Also the movie portrayed this couple of lesbians as sexless, stereotypical dykes and femmes who, because they are women, enjoy talking about theyre feelings. If the previously mentioned authors are not asking for gay marriage or for as close to a heterosexual family as possible why does Hollywood continue to produce such a product?

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I couldn't agree with you more. I think it may be for straight men to seem like they have a chance or something about their (stereotypical) infatuation with lesbians. It appeals to them to see a lesbian try things out with a man. Luckily, we didn't have to see much skin to skin contact with the two. It also may be that conservative or people uncomfortable with the issue of queerness have an easier time seeing a lesbian go to a man opposed to straight person going to another of the same-sex. So Hollywood feeds them with what they'd rather see. It also reminded me of the article on queer parents and parenting. How she felt such an obligation to identify with her queer community and to reject and advances or acceptions she was given by the society that better connected with her once she was a mother.

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