The kids were alright


I thought this movie was completely horrible; at least the birdcage was watchable, this film deserves to be burned. That being said, I found the same concepts in both films in regards to hetero-normativity. I tried to scan the article for the line "trading in sex for comfort, change for stability, and improvised relationships for marriage are all bad deals," but I could not find it. If I was to wager a guess, I would assume he is referring to the familial structures based in both films. I found it hard to imagine two lesbians watching gay porn and lusting after men. Actually I found this to be heterocizing homosexual culture.

Read gender theorist, Jack Halberstam's, post on Bully Bloggers, titled, "The Kids Aren't Alright!" Respond to his claims that the film perpetuates the notions that "trading in sex for comfort, change for stability, and improvised relationships for marriage are all bad deals." Compare your findings with your reactions to both The Kids Are Alright and The Birdcage. Does Halberstam's quote apply to the latter as well? How or how not? Use evidence from the films and your readings to validate your points.


I was also pretty angered when watching this movie. I saw alot of heteronormativity shining through. And I agree in the Bird Cage the tone wasn't so serious that the sterotypes and problematic language or behaviors was easier to overlook. But the problems with "The Kids Are Alright" is overwhelming. The director chose the ending scene to be when Nic and Jules forgive eachother becuase Laser tells them they shouldn't break up because they are too old. How is this supposed to be a happy ending? Youre too old to be with anyone else you should just put up with the bullshit. What heterosexual movies are like that?

The movie definitely showed queer life in a negative way. It almost seemed that they were trying to give us, the audience, the impression that the two women wanted to be straight. The fact that they were watching male porn to get off and that one had a fling with a man. It's very annoying to see such negative connotations and stereotypes repeatedly used in the media. "The Birdcage" had the extreme sissy gay and "The Kids are Alright" had the lesbian turned bisexual, or lesbian turned on by a man. We see that stuff so much more often than we see a straight person testing out the same-gender or anything else queer for that matter.

Your Comment: "I found it hard to imagine two lesbians watching gay porn and lusting after men."

It's interesting that you think that, because I thought that was kind of a stereotype of lesbian couples. I know several lesbian couples and single lesbians who like to watch gay porn, so when I saw it in the movie I had to chuckle a little bit because I thought it was supposed to be a jab at a stereotype. I thought the director was making a point. But maybe it's just all in my head.

I agree with your opinion on the ending. There wasn't a real resolution between the Nic and Jules, besides through their children. It seemed as though they were merely settling with their dysfunctional marriage 'for the kids.' Though this movie was meant to be a realistic portrayal of family dynamic, I could not get over the ending. In a sense, it somewhat seemed to doom marriage and any possibility of the couple working through their problems, rather showing that they'll simply stay together because they have no other option.

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