The Mom's Aren't All right


I can understand Halberstam's argument about the conservative writers of the film "The Kids are All Right" perpetuating trade in's of sex for comfort. Idid have some issues with the films portrayal of lesbian relationships, however, I can relate to the "mom's" relationship. I've experienced sexual desire fizzling out the further into a committed relationship one gets. Relationships, straight and queer, take work and it isn't all about sex and games after a certain point. I agree that the lack of "skin" shown while Jules and Nic were trying to be intimate is a reflection of conservative views, but in another sense, maybe the directors didn't show skin to convey the sort of "boring" that has settled into Jules and Nic's relationship. I agree that there is so many lesbian stereotypes and it would be nice to see a more masculine Nic in the film or a more Feminine Jules. Heck, I would go crazy if the couple were both genderqueer. I related to the movie a lot more than Halberstam seems to be allowing me too in the blog post. The Film could have been way better, but perhaps I am just projecting my life into the film as one interviewee of the Celluloid Closet said he does.


I can similarly relate to the "fizzling out" of long-term relationships; this just happens, partly because of biology/endorphins. It seems almost inevitable, which is part of the reason the marriage/settling down age has increased over the years: people want to have at least a few good years of fun and games before kids and a deeper level of commitment is involved. I think The Kids Are Alright does a great job of portraying the type of hardships ALL long-term relationships face. Couples can make it work over the long haul, but work needs to be done to bring back the passion. I think the movie would have better if the end had shown some passionate sex between the Jules and Nic. Like you said, we hardly see any skin between the two, and it would be reassuring to see that they're not just staying together because they have nothing better to do or because they are "too old to breakup" as their son comically chimes in.

I agree that relatinships take work and it isnt all about the fun and games after 10 years. The point about showing skin was a good poitn you made. I didnt think about it in the way that it is portraying the "boringness" in their relationship. I also agree that it would have been nicer to see a more masculine nic or more feminine Jules but at the same point would that have made it more stereotypical? idk just throwing it out there. Overall good points made.

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