Visibility at any cost

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I think one of the main queer stereotypes that I see in movies is what The Celluloid Closet named the "sissy" gay. A role played as a gay man acting as effeminate or cowardly. The movie that comes to mind for me is White Chicks, and the designer for the fashion shoot gives strong hints of being gay and also shows effeminate qualities by working there and dealing with all the fashion aspects. This leads me to the next prominent stereotype; in most films I have seen, any role dealing with a fashion designer or something of the sort that is played by a male is also given the label of gay. They might not come right out and say it but there are strong hints given. This is shown in White Chicks and movies like The Devil Wears Prada. Both of these stereotypes haven't transitioned much over time as much as I'm aware. They are both overused roles that get laughs from some people and shrugs from others. Personally, I think they are used too often and are a bit annoying. In some way I agree with the statement "visibility at any cost" because it's good for more queer characters to be incorporated into movies so they don't seem invisible in reality. A lot of younger viewers take movies as a reflection of reality and even aids them in shaping their personal views, that being said, queer characters will show these viewers that their normal and in everyday life. The reason why I don't agree is because I don't like seeing the same stereotypical queer roles played over and over. I think over time these stereotypical roles are still prominent but they aren't as bad as the used to be. To reinforce that they are; I was watching the show Are You There Chelsea, and the main character was in jail and of course there was this big butch woman attracted to her. It's like the producers have to use stereotypical looking gay people for viewers to believe they are gay. Overall, I think the stereotypical roles of queer people should be transitioned into roles where they are just like the other characters in the show.

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