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Though I do see Heavenly Creatures as a queer film, I think that the heterosexual identity of Kate Winslet, Melanie Lynskey, and Peter Jackson does somewhat detract from the queerness of the film. Though I do think their acting was brilliant, Jackson could have found two queer actors who would probably play the parts just as well, and add a bit more legitimacy to it, and it would bring even higher visibility of queers, by having two out and proud cast members. I think Female Trouble has a larger queer fan base not mainly because the director is queer, but probably because of the ridiculous nature of the movie, and the "in your face" queerness of it. The lead character is a drag queen...

Having said that, I think that since the girls were both great actors, the film was still able to be seen as queer. As others have mentioned, it is their job to act; not every person who has acted a character has been able to identify themselves with that character, that is why they have to act. True, Jackson is hetero, but it seemed like he was able to extract the queerness out of their relationship still, and portray it in the movie. Pauline later states that there was no sort of sexual relationship between her and Juliet, but then why did her diary entries contain things like "we made love all night"? Jackson may not have portrayed their relationship exactly how it was, but I think a line like that seems pretty difficult to misinterpret. Overall, I think the cast and the director did a fantastic job of interpreting Pauline's diary, and the events that lead up to her mother's murder.

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I agree with most of your statements. The acting of the actresses who portray Pauline and Juliet is done so wonderfully though that I found myself at points in the movie where I would forget that the actresses are actually straight and not queer. Jackson did a good job of interpreting Pauline's diary and they did it at a pace that was not slow and dull, which I was afraid was going to happen. I also think that the queer aspect in Heavenly Creatures is not as in your face, whereas Female Trouble obviously is.

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