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In regards to Heavenly Creatures and the idea of queer, I do belive there was a definite queer factor in this film. I don't believe that it matters that Kate Winslet and Melanie are heterosexual in real life. They are actors and are asked to portray a part that they may or may not identify with because this is their job. I also think that because this was based on her diary entries, there has to be some truth to all of the queer connotations made throughout the film. The fact that they took baths together, were inseparable, Kate Winslet got mad when Melanie had a male friend (NICK), all play in to the idea that they may or may not have been lovers. I found myself the entire film thinking, does one love the other more? or are they going to be lovers? or is it just a crazy obsessed friendship? I am unsure even after watching the movie but I do feel that it is definitely queer.

Also, I do feel that the director being queer might have something to do with having a queer fan base. I think that naturally a queer director might have more queer friends/supporters than a heterosexual director, but I could be wrong.
When seeking to tell a queer story, I feel that any director could do it well, if he/she is a great director. Also, like i said a queer director may have a bigger fan base, but may also have a bias in directing so could totally skew the movie in one way or another to how he/she wants the public to view it. Not saying that a heterosexual director wouldnt do the same thing.
I think that Smelik makes a point when she says that "the excess of deepfelt emtions is visualized in a refined aesthetic style or cinematic spectacle" This to me, means that the fantasy world that Pauline and Juliet create is so visually and sexually spectacular both for viewing pleasure and their own pleasure that it creates a lot of excess in the queer factor as well as the fantasy factor.

Pauline and Juliet have an obsession for one another that lasts more than just what we see in the movie. I do believe that they may have had romantic feelings for one another, but given the time period were socially unacceptable, so they kept it to theirselves. And anyways, who needs to know their romance on a level that they do anyways? it is their business only. And the fact that they created a plan to kill Pauline's mother tells me that their relaitonship may have played a part in this decision. I think anybody who thinks it is a good idea to kill their mother because they hate her so, is probably sick in the head and not in any way a great decision maker. but that is just me.

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I also don't think that two heterosexual 15 year olds take baths together... Plus, the diary entries said some things that sounded very much like they were in a romantic relationship to me. Not only did they make love, Pauline also could not bear to be away from Juliet. I do agree that they were both obviously insane, romantic relationship or not, coming up with a plot to kill the mother was obviously taking it a bit too far. I never thought about the fact that their relationship would be seen as socially unacceptable, but yes, when Pauline was diagnosed as "homosexual," that certainly did enlighten the audience to what the societal viewpoint on same gender relationships was like at the time.

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