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The sexuality of the cast and crew has absolutely no effect on my interpretation of a movie being "queer". Ignoring the fact these people are acting detracts from the point of cinema. As for Heavenly Creatures, I cannot say that any movie is less queer because of the number of people in the cast who identify as heterosexual.
I don't at all think that Female Trouble has a larger queer fan base. I think that anyone can identify with a movie for any reason. If I were to assume that because John Waters' is queer that more queer people would like him, I would be ignoring everything that I have learned about stereotypes and why they are bad. I do not think the literal "queer eye" of the director makes a difference in telling a queer experience. I think that it is more important for the director to research, to understand the story that they tell. If enough work is put into his research, I'm certain that Peter Jackson could make a "John Waters" style film.
I am not at all saying that while making a "queer" film, being "queer" has no effect on the experiences you can portray. I would also like to point out that I could be wrong about all of this. But in my opinion, the "queerness" of a movie comes from the actors while acting, and the directors while directing; not their sexualities.


I don't think just a person's sexuality is what makes them queer. As we've discussed in class, even a person who identifies as gay or lesbian may not necessarily identify as "queer," and someone who exclusively has sex with those of their opposite gender could identify as queer, perhaps due to a certain kink that they have. I do think that Female Trouble has a larger queer fan base, due to the explicitly queer nature of the film though, not necessarily because John Waters is the one who directed it.

I agree that the sexualities of the cast or director doesn't necessarily play a role in the depiction of the movie unless there is excess as in the case of Peter Jackson's Heavenly Creatures.

I also agree that the sexualities of the cast or crew does not play a large part in the interpretation of a movie as long as the cast as able to play queer well.

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