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For me, personally, the identity of the cast and crew don't really sway my love for Queer movies. Brokeback Mountain, for example, is a movie I adore and I don't know anything about the cast or crew being Queer. Milk's cast, also, is predominantly heterosexual, but I still love that movie with all of my heart. Similarly, I don't think that the Queerness of Heavenly Creatures is detracted from because of the heterosexuality of the cast and crew. Even when movies aren't supposed to be Queer in any way, people sometimes find Queer meanings and relationships. For example: Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes and Jude Law as Watson in the recent Sherlock Holmes adaptations by Guy Ritchie or James McAvoy as Professor X and Michael Fassbender as Magneto in the latest X-Men movie. People find meaning where they want to, regardless of identity. I think the Queer eye of a director is helpful in some cases, but it doesn't make or break a movie. The TV show Glee is directed by Ryan Murphy, who is publicly out as a gay man, yet Glee is full of bi- and transphobia, along with other problematic ideologies and stereotypes. (As far as Female Trouble is concerned, I honestly have no idea why it has such a huge fan base!)

I think the Queer emphasis on Juliet and Pauline's relationship in Heavenly Creatures makes a lot of sense, at least from my perspective. If they hadn't done anything with that relationship throughout the movie, I probably would have assumed it was Queer anyway and would have been perturbed that the movie didn't do anything with it. I also thought it made sense in that the girls reacted so vehemently when they were threatened with separation. Creating an alternate world as an outlet for their relationship seems very plausible, especially with the timeframe they were working with. People do the same thing today: they create identities on the internet in order to experience a life(style) they're too afraid to pursue in reality. The Queering of Juliet and Pauline's relationship made sense psychologically without demonizing the Queer community or painting this picture of lesbians as insane killers.


I have the same tendency to disregard the sexuality or other identities of directors/cast/crew of a given film. The films that you mentioned not only brought a smile to my face, but really bolstered your blogpost. I wholeheartedly agree with your arguments. Nicely written.

Among all of the blogs I'm seeing this common point of "I don't know which actors and directors take part in creating the film that I'm watching, much less their sexual orientation. I think this is a very valuable point that truly contributes to the conversation. It is obvious that people are neither flocking to or avoiding certain films due to the orientation of the individuals involved, because it simply is not common knowledge. This obligates us to analyze a more critical reason for which Female Trouble may be a more popular film among queer audiences than Heavenly Creatures, which, overall will lead to more insightful conversation.

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