Queering the gaze.

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For a final project for this class I would be most interested in a queer reading of the "gaze" as it applies to cinema. By this I mean to expand upon feminist film theorizations of the gaze as always already male and always within a position of power. Questions I would like to pose are: What happens when the gaze is desirable? Especially within LGBTQ populations as representation is lacking, and what representation is available in mainstream cinema is often generalized and heterosexist. Is the object of the gaze always passive, and the position from which the gaze originates always active? This is related to my first question, but I believe it could be taken further account for queering gender, sexuality and desire.

Recently, a performance art piece took place where the audience was asked to write down/say words. These words would then be carved into the flesh of one of the performers. The audience then was witnessing a process of active objects upon whom the gaze falls, and interestingly, a somewhat passive audience who, while they were offering the words which would be carved, were not actively carving themselves.

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I like your ideas dealing with the "Gaze" I wrote one of my papers on it so I think it would be interesting to push further into the topic area. If your looking for group members count me in.

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