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I think that Brokeback for me was my favorite of the films that we watched. There was not only great cinematic concepts, while examining this film I felt that there was so much done that created a multifaceted film beyond a black and white "gay" film. The themes that seemed to accompany many queer films like: tragedy, violence, struggle of acceptance or journey, are felt in this films on some level in films in which I would deem "authentic" queer cinema. Not all of them had to be extremely sad, that's not what I'm saying, but I do feel Brokeback's story-line without needing imagination, or fantasy was able to capture ones journey very effectively with such a beautiful and believable performance, that a lot of people can take away from.

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I do agree that Brokeback Mountain was so literal and it was nice to be able to just watch, understand and feel for these characters. It's a really emotional and deep film, but doesn't take much analysis to understand everything going on, and it opens it up for a wide variety audiences to understand, thus see the problems that need to be fixed, not only queer people.

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