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I think the most important thing that came about from this class for me was a greater awareness of what goes into queer movies and the things they perpetuate. Usually I'm just so ecstatic when I see a queer movie coming out that I don't even pay attention to the stereotypes and such, but now I feel more critical of what's being created and said by queer cinema. As for a favorite movie, I'm very torn between But I'm a Cheerleader and By Hook or By Crook. I kind of tore apart But I'm a Cheerleader in one of my papers, but I honestly loved this movie, it was adorable and hilarious and I feel like you don't often see lesbians at the core of queer cinema, I feel like gay male culture gets more limelight so to speak, so seeing a budding lesbian relationship was nice. By Hook or By Crook was great because of it's family and romantic dynamics. I really really love that the romantic aspect in this movie was very downplayed while the comradery of the main characters was the central point. The gender neutrality was also a very cool aspect, and it worked very fluidly which I didn't expect. I also like that queerness wasn't the main point of the storyline, but instead friendship and loyalty was more the focal point in my opinion. It's nice to have queerness as a focal point now and then because its definitely an important thing, but at the same time, I feel like sometimes queerness is focused on too much when there are other parts of life that are also important, such as friendship, loyalty, class and race, etc.

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