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I would say that the most important development to me would be the characters and how believable they were while portraying queer images. Rather if they were actually queer or playing queer characters. It was so interesting. Coming from someone that never really payed too much attention to queer cinema before, this class was fascinating! As for favorites, Brokeback Mountain and the Birdcage take the cake. They were so realistic and I went home with a different perspective of queer cinema than I had before watching the two. The excessiveness of the other films didn't do it for me. They weren't bad movies at all, but they were the "queer" that i thought of before knowing that i categorized these types of films (not sure how to explain my thought). But they were the stereotypical queer films. I feel that the next steps are more and more queer films in mainstream cinema. I can see if happening. Queer cinema is making it's mark.

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