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Here is a space for you to start conversations about the final project and for you to find and organize groups to work within. Feel free to bring up an idea you might have or a direction you'd like to take the final assignment or chime in and add to someone else's thoughts to start forming a group. Use this space however it best suits you in preparing for the final project.


Would anyone be interested in researching foreign queer cinema and finding a film that we could compare to an American film of the same sort and see if we can find some differences and what those differences could mean?

I don't have any specific ideas, but I looked at this list (,_gay,_bisexual_or_transgender-related_films) and the first thing that caught my attention was the amount of foreign titles.

Another list:

Hey! The idea I figured I'd throw out would be a different queer horror. I was thinking the movie "Monster." It also shows the idea of excess when it comes to just the overall look of grunge and disgust. I really enjoyed the film and I think it shows a different kind of "queer couple" then "Heavenly Creatures," and also offers more from the "queer horror" genere. I think there was more debate on the movie's validity of horror over queer, where I feel Monster kind of shows both. Just throwing it out there, if no one has any other ideas here's one. Thanks! Also here's a link to the IMDb in case someone hasn't seen it.

So I would LOVE to do a project around sexuality and asexuality in movies that are "queered". Even though it's not a traditionally queer movie, I'd love to look at the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies. Holmes and Watson have been "suspect" for generations now, and it continues to be interesting because of things like Watson being married (but still being with Holmes all the time), Irene Adler, asexuality, the two of them living together, etc. Guy Ritchie definitely plays with that line of queer/straight in his movies. Talking about "bromance" is something I'm really interested in, as well.

Hey jacksavvy_ccs that sounds really cool. Wow that list is long and it's going to take some time to work through. We could possibly start by thinking about some cultural differences in a particular region of the world and findind a movie that showed that ie somewhere gay and lesbian acts are illegal like Pakistan and many others. Also there are some countries where homosexuality is only illegal for men and not women maybe one of those countries. Or we could go for something not explictly homosexual and more queer. But I think a foreign film sounds great!

Hi bode0156 I like the idea of something to do with queer horror as well. I have never seen Monster but love Charlize Theron so I'd be excited to do a topic like this and see a film with her in it at the same time. Heavenly Creatures definitely could have been more horror and more queer, so I'd like the opportunity to discuss and present on something that is grittier. Do you know specifically what you'd like to focus on? Maybe we can consider talking about how much we feel the main character's queerness affects her decisions and how her queerness makes this movie different from other horror films.

I would love to be a part of this. I think that the best format for presentation would be a discussion. I thought about what it would look like to do something more artistic and creative but I think to get the best out of this topic a simple discussion would be fitting. On the other hand I do think it would be fun do a short interview type thing with the characters Sherlock and Watson as if they were involved involved in some way. Sort of a fan fiction type thing. Just ideas!

I have no idea what I want to do the final project on, but have tossed around a few ideas. One idea I am leaning towards is the portrayal of queer women of non-anglo backgrounds, because women who are queer and not seen as "white" are often more eroticized and also more marginalized by the queer community. Somethings I might like to use if I go with this topic are works by Cherrie Moraga and Audre Lorde, a movie that could work well for this topic is L.A. Mission, The Color Purple would also work well for this topic. Anyone interested in joining me on this?

I would like to explore the topic of transnational queer film using Deepa Mehta's film, Fire. It critiques India's patriarchal, post-colonial society through its portrayal of lesbianism. This film tackles gay dysphoria, inauthenticity, and subjectivity. I also think global representations of gay identities relation to imperialism would be interesting to talk about. Is anyone remotely interested? Other ideas/questions/whatnot relating to global queer film would be rad!!


The film that I've been thinking about a lot for the final project was Kill Bill, Volume 1. Although there aren't characters in the film who are necessarily "queer", I feel as though the commentary that the film makes about women to be highly fascinating and something that would be great to discuss with others. The film also contains numerous allusions to different types of aberrant sexualities (including fetishism and pedophilia) and thus, through the eyes of the director, I think one could argue that this film has several attributes that we might include it as a queer film.


lopez377 i am totally into that idea. I wouldn't mind doing a more broad definition, beginning with possibly all minorities and then getting specific into defining the differences between male and female minorities. I think that the Color Purple is an excellent film to discuss. There is also a movement and festival called the Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project that allows us to talk about the advances in breaking down this marginal and fetishistic role that is given to queer women of color. I am interested in this!!!!!!

lopez377, I completely agree with you. I think it could be very interesting to discuss the portrayal of minorities in queer films, even including men. I do not remember the butler’s name in The Birdcage, but I think including men as well would be interesting. There is also a movement called Queer Women of Color Media Arts Project, which would allow us to discuss how people are trying to work on this issue. Either way, I love this idea!!!!

bode0156, your idea sounds great to me! can't wait to talk more about it on Wednesday! Count me in 100%!

Lopez I like your idea and would love to join ya!

Lopez I love that idea and I would Love to collab and talk more about it! I think that it'll be interesting to explore minority women in queer cinema. The Color Purple is an awesome film to do this as well, one of my favs'. I'm in!

Hi tayl0598, this is Katherine. I would love to be a part of your group discussing asexuality and/or bromance. I think there is a lot of intentional sexual ambiguity in modern films, and I think the "is he/isn't he?" questions about a character's sexuality is a way (for better or worse) to add character depth.

So Max, Danie455 and Rober803,lets call ourselves a group! :) I like the idea of broadening the topic to touch on other minorities as well (including men). I think it might help our project to stay focused on one minority aspect (such as "race"/ethnicity) for the main discussion though. I think including men in this topic is definitely possible and a good idea.

Hey Bode0156! I think this movie would be an excellent choice; I'm interested in queer horror and I think this movie would be an intriguing film to pursue. I like how you mentioned how it offers a different perspective from Heavenly Creatures; that could be discussed, as well as how it fits into the horror genre as a whole. The idea of certain types of excess (quite different from Female Trouble)could also be explored!

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