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if I were free (prompt #4)

If I were free from the confinements of the design school and were able to do whatever I wanted I would...


Then I would design what ever I wanted, and on my own schedule. I could avoid the teachers that I didn't like (perhaps the one that teaches the DF1 class) and get to know other ones better (say the one who teaches the designed environment). Working at my own pace always seems to result in a better final product.

Once I got bored of designing things for hours on end I'd probably win the lottery. Because then I could satisfy my material desires so I could focus more on my moral desires.

I'd buy one of these, the SWEETEST car in the world, no contest.
2008 Ferrari F430 Scuderia.jpg

As the years go by I would mature (which I can't say I know much about, I'm still a rebellious teenager) and I'd feel compelled to help others who are less fortunate. So I would spend my remaining years doing things like this:
View image

I wouldn't be able to call myself an architect if I didn't want to help others. It would be way too pretentious of me to think that life only involved myself and making myself happy. But to be honest, I see myself being a volunteer and helping people out even if I wasn't free from the confines of life's curriculum.

I really like the aim and focus of this class mainly for that reason. It doesn't seem to be governed by rules and boundaries like the DF1 class. It transcends the boundaries and goes everywhere, just like my mind. That's why the class works so well (for me at least).