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prompt #1

Architecture isn't a blind faith; therefore, I think it is important to study how cities work. More specifically, how they flow. Flow is a very vague term, it can mean many things. In this case I interpreted it to mean how the cities come to life. Andy Goldsworthy has an idea that life flows through nature. I think this is the same for cities. Every day hundreds of thousands of people flow in and out of Minneapolis/St. Paul alone. It's like a bustling bee hive - it brings the city to life. Without people there would be no cities and without cities there would be no architecture. Seeing cities as palimpsests we can dig below the surface and look at their layers. The cultural, economic, and social layers of a city all contribute to it's existence and identity. Buildings aren't alive, people are. And when we enter buildings and cities and take in what is around us we give those places energy as if they were alive.

city traffic.jpg