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last day of service learning

Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 6th) is my last day of service learning this semester. It will put me up to 13 hours of volunteering at Common Bond's Skyline Tower in St. Paul. I've really enjoyed my time helping out at Skyline Tower in the computer lab. The people that work there were very friendly and easy to work with. I never had a scheduling conflict and they were flexible on the times I could go in. Overall I was pleased with the experience I had volunteering with Common Bond.

The location itself was a little less than desirable being that it is located in St. Paul and I am here at the U without a car. But I was able to take the city bus there and back every Tuesday just fine. The physical environment of the Advantage Center in Skyline Tower made it even easier to be a volunteer there. The basement, where the computer lab is, is very up-to-date and well kept. The computer lab itself is spacious and well lit which makes for a great place to spend time in. The computers are pretty new and are perfect for what the residents need.

The 15 weeks of volunteering this semester and the additional weeks from first semester have given me a little insight into what it's like for some immigrants coming to America. I do believe that I've gained some skills such as social skills when working with kids. I also enjoyed the experience because I like working with kids and they responded well to my help. Many of them would call me over just to show me something they were doing on the computer; I really felt like they respected me.

All in all it was a good experience and I would do it again. At first I kind of expected it to be a drag but it really wasn't at all. Volunteering is a good way to help other people who are less fortunate and become involved in the community. Through the time I put in with Common Bond I was able to do just that.