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presentation critiques

I'm choosing to comment on one project that I liked and one that I disliked. The one I liked was an honors presentation and the one I disliked was a presentation from our section.

ONE: First off I want to say that it was very evident the honors groups put more effort into their presentations than the groups in our section. The powerpoints they made were excellent and for the most part I enjoyed every one of them. The one I liked the most was the one about increasing communications in Mogadishu. The group did a great job putting the power-point together and it looked professional. Every aspect of their presentation correlated with their solution which wasn't the case for most of the presentations in our section. The concepts they talked about such as jumping straight to wireless communications seemed like a good idea and the presenters were great at articulating their ideas.

TWO: I felt like many of the presentations in our section were lacking in the solution department. Most of them had no mention of possible solutions which was a part of the assignment. The project that I felt was most insufficient in this area was the one about decreasing HIV/AIDS in Africa. The group presented two or three (I can't remember exactly) people's stories who are living with HIV/AIDS. There was no part of the presentation that talked about a solution to the AIDS problem in Africa. The research was there, but the group never applied it to a designed solution, which was part of the assignment. Their project could've been so much better if they would've included that part.