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Gaming the U of M Google Appliance to Promote my OIT Page

I have a page that is about OIT, it pretty much contains everything you'd want to know about OIT at the U of M if you are a new employee and trying to orientate and tap into the organization.

So I posted on Friday (May 25th, 2007) a link the to Unofficial Office of Information Technology wiki and today (May 29th, 2007) it is on the first page of results. At about the 6th position. This post will link to a print version of the wiki page. Meaning it wont have all the standard wiki navigation to work through to find the real content. If it gets indexed it should push it up yet another spot or two.

However, one thing that could stop this is that typically the Google appliance wont follow querystring links. These tend to lead them into infinate search spaces. So I'll give it a few days and check back and review the results or lack of them. (I might give it a week).

But in gerenal I think the experiment worked.

(yes - this post about gaming the google appliance is just another shameless promotion for the OIT page.)