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June 29, 2007

OIT Alphabet Soup

ADCS, ATAC, CESL, CITP, DMC, EFT, iFellow, iRoc, NTS, OIR, OIT, OVPR, TEL, UTELL, WebCT... Oh my, can you tell someone has let the Linux geeks run the shop for a while. To help short through the alphabet soup that is the Office of Information Technology OIT at the U of M, I've added a section to my site, the unofficial guide toOIT at the U of M.

June 11, 2007

Using OIT to Game the U of M Google Search Appliance


So as of my last post, my standings in the Google appliance haven't moved one bit. Setting aside any narcissism and paranoia induced explanations, I have I have to conclude that simply naming the links in the blog to OIT had no noticeable effect on my pages standing.

Therefor, I decided to rename the page from Office of Information Technology - OIT to OIT - Office of Information Technology. I reflected this change in the Title element as well as in the first H1 element and the first normal body content.

Results should be processed in a week or so. (yes - this post about gaming the Google appliance is just another shameless promotion for the OIT page.)