February 16, 2007

Chapter 7: Ruby on Rails

Rails feels like just what it is, a reflective inspection and auto build (aka code generation) of a well designed Model View Controller connected to a nice implementation of Martin Folwers Active Record design pattern. I think the lession here isn't how great Rails is, but how much can be gained by following well designed patterns...

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February 7, 2007

Transformation: Ruby Smells

I keep hearing people say they couldn’t possibly use Ruby because it lacks automatic refactoring tools.

Marting Fowler tells us that Refactoring is the art and science of turning smelly code into good code, in small, incremental steps. Provably correct, by construction. Algorithms for giving your code a makeover without breaking it in the process.

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February 6, 2007

Beyond Javas: Chapter 6. Ruby in the Rough

Java's leadership run, at least for applications, might be drawing to an end. This book points out one language and two frameworks (one in Ruby and one in Smalltalk) that have something special to offer. One possible alternative language, Ruby. It improves on Java, but that doesn't mean that Ruby will succeed, or that it's the best possible alternative. Dynamic Languages...

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