March 23, 2009

Role of the "Proxy Customer" (Agile for: Business Analyst)

We all know that ideally you want a customer present at all times and involved in the project. That this yields the best results in the shortest time on any given project. But that there are times when the customer is unwilling or unable to be available.

Reason for a Proxy Customer:

The Proxy Customer can help fill a gap in projects where the Customer is not always available when stories are being done in an iteration. Then the Customers are happy to meet weekly or bi-weekly, but aren't willing or able to be available through out the work day as new stories arise; Or when the customers wants to be able to just send in terse info and have it dealt with without learning any new tools are processes. In a way you can look at the Proxy Customer and being a way of scaling out the Product Owner role.

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