Leaders (Week 3)

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Everybody leads at some point in your life. Whether you realize it or not. Tom Rath gives a great example of leading in a board room, a discussion, or even in your family life. Growing up as an athlete, and being captain of many of those teams, I had to find the right way to motivate each individual. I had to not only lead by telling, but also by example. As a leader, I feel that leading by example is my strong suit.

Leadership: Leading a group of individuals and not always knowing it. Being able to take charge and show them the way to success.

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Nice first post Jim! Building relationships is indeed key in motivating people. I like that you consider yourself a role model for others.

I see you haven't gotten to putting down definitions for any of the very first readings yet. Go ahead and do that retroactively. Be sure to paste your latest definition in so we can compare it to the new one. Try and keep your definition to two or three cogent sentences as you go along and then give a short explanation of how it did or did not change as a result of the readings, which you'll need to cite at the the end in APA format.

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