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Leadership 7/27 (Week 8)

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Leadership in this week is defined by how one gets through a permanent crisis. A permanent crisis like this economy is an example for one. How are we able to pull put of this slump and get back to the Strong America we were before?

A leader is able to lead his followers through a time of hardship. When the group faces adversity, the leader stays cool, calm, and collected to get through the problem with the least resistance from the group.

Leadership 7/17 (Week 6)

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My definition of leadership to this point now is:
"The ability to lead a group of people, both big and small, to success. Having followers who look up to, and seek advice from you. While holding true to your core values and strengths throughout the journey."

Values (Week 5)

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In these past couple of weeks, we have been discussing core values and strengths and how they help our leadership abilities and skills. Holding firm to the core values of an individual can make someone who they are.
Lee and King stated that you have to hold firm to the values you believe in because they will help with your strengths.
I have many values that I have grown up with and my family have helped me discover them and hold true to them.

Being a leader when your core values are challenged and holding firm to what you believe in, even if you are the only one to stand up. Being able to not give in to the group and being influenced by what the rest of them say is a big necessity for a strong leader.

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