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Brian showed me this.

More Ideas!!

I am getting super excited about this project now because I decided that I am totally focusing on the boutique kitschy style that I love. I also have decided that the body of work is going to be a work space. One thing I struggle with 100% is organization and its always been something that I want to tackle. I also have a passion for interior design that I have never gotten to play with so I plan on combining my graphic style with the interior design of a workspace that I can fully function in and be inspired. I want to focus my design on pattern and repetition so it reminds me to be organized and maybe if its cute all organized then I will try even harder!

Here are some influences I have been looking at.

anthropologie 3.JPG.jpeg

Ideas- Digital Art Focus #1

My digital art focus is print media based. Ideally I would like to print and transfer images onto a wood surface. I am inspired by interior design and boutique kitch. I love pattern, mixtures of photographic styles and drawn images. A website I frequent is http://www.illustrationweb.com/ . There are dozens of different artists' work in various styles. I love to look through the site to think of ways that I can create line and texture with flat color and simplicity.
I am going to create some kind of furniture that folds out and is almost like a camouflaged piece of art. It can sit on the floor or be hung on the wall and be folded down to its plain state and be folded out to be functional. I am going to start out with some cardboard cut outs and figure out what kind of design will support the weight of a computer for a desk or a small end table to put drinks, candles, picture frames, etc. on.
I am excited about creating whatever type of collage I want to digitally. I love looking at things with a lot of detail and different styles that make you want to add to the doodles. I also want this to be a large scale piece so I am a bit nervous about how I will make the printing happen. So many ideas!! Its time to start experimenting!

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