I KNOW WHAT I AM GOING TO DO!! Finally! It just came to me today.... I was examining all of the inspirational photos that I have been looking at and was thinking about the pattern concept and thinking about how much I also love texture. I have been wanting to work with fabric at some point this year because I love it as a medium and its just great to work with something new once in awhile. Then I came up with the idea....why don't I create a pattern using material that also varys in textures. I am going to use different colors for all of the different materials and I am going to cut, fold, gather and expirament with all the different types of textures that I can make out of the material and organize it all into a wall sized, huge pattern wall. I want to also maybe create a table and chair or something of the furniture sort with this method. I have a lamp that is looking for some attention in my basement and also some old windows that could be jazzed up for a nice bulletin board or something. I am still drawn to function and maybe I could also play with the function of an object vs its aesthetic appeal.
I put together a little mood board of my ideas and have some examples that I made. The color will be bright because I love love color. I love playing with many different colors and I do really enjoy putting together color palettes.
Spring Break is going to be busy!!! And I am actually pumped to start!

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