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Improving Maternal Health

Millennium Development Goal: Improving Maternal Health


Region selected: Ethiopia due to its highest rate in maternal deaths

Some of this issues at hand include:
The timing and spacing of the pregnancies but also poor access to emergency care. DFID is making a difference by making it easier for poor women to see a midwife or doctor, get emergency treatment during their labour and have better access to family planning services and information so they can choose when and how they become pregnant.

Another main issue that was talked about was the illness of Fistula where the women are kicked out of their village as well as their families from the effects of the illness, including the foul odor that is given off by the women.

One of the main sponsors that is trying to aid in the improvement of Maternal health is Johnson and Johnson who is helping with many contributions for this MDG.

To overcome these obstacles with maternal health, countries must first invest in health systems to ensure universal access to healthcare before, during and after childbirth. Another aspect that will help would include simple changes in mothers' diets and better medical screening can dramatically reduce the number of children in poor countries who are born with genetic birth defects.