Additional Minnesota Meningitis Cases Linked to Contaminated Steroids

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The Minnesota Department of Health has identified two new cases of fungal meningitis within the state, reports the Star Tribune. These instances raise Minnesota's total of confirmed meningitis infections to seven, amidst a national outbreak connected to contaminated steroids.
The newly diagnosed individuals have not been publicly identified by name. Assistant State Epidemiologist Richard Danila told MPR one of the individuals is a man in his 50s who is currently hospitalized after he received an epidural injection from the tainted methylprednisolene acetate. MPR reports that the other patient is a woman in her 40s who is currently receiving treatment after her contaminated epidural injection.
The seven identified cases in Minnesota have all been connected with two Twin Cities clinics: Medical Advanced Pain Specialists (Maps) and the Minnesota Surgery Center the Star Tribune reported.
None of the Minnesotans infected with fungal meningitis has been publicly identified reports the Star Tribune.
Nineteen deaths related to the outbreak have been reported in 15 states with a national total of 245 cases, reported the Star Tribune Wednesday.
A Massachusetts pharmacy, the New England Compounding Center, has been cited by the Star Tribune as the outbreak's origin site through three contaminated batches of steroids.
Officials reported to the Star Tribune that an estimated 1,000 Minnesotans were likely exposed to the contaminated lots through steroid injections.

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