City Approves St. Paul Police Memorial Monument

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The St. Paul City Council accepted a proposal Wednesday for a memorial honoring 31 St. Paul police officers who have died in the line of duty reports Minn Post.
The interactive memorial will include an iPad able to display information about each of the fallen officers said Minn Post. They reported that this monument will be erected inside the St. Paul police headquarters.
The St. Paul Police Historical Society reports they have raised $20,000 so far for the monument and are seeking $5,000 more to fund the interactive part of the monument.
Kate Cavett, historian and treasurer of the St. Paul Police Historical Society, told Minn Post the goal is to have the monument prepared for Police Officers Memorial Week in May.
Cavett told Minn Post that the effort is working with Hand in Hand Productions, a company that creates oral histories.
She said the memorial has been designed with flexibility in mind. Specifically, she told Minn Post that the memorial will be designed with room for 15 more names and in a size that would be easy to move should the St. Paul police headquarters change locations.

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