Flights Banned Between Syria and Turkey as Tensions Rise

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Syria released a statement officially banning commercial Turkish flights over Syrian territory Sunday, mimicking a similar ban by Turkey on Syrian air transport.
The neighboring countries and former allies have seen a growing strain on their relations over the past year, reports the BBC's James Reynolds.
In June Syria shot down a Turkish warplane, reportedly on accident, after the jet crossed into Syrian airspace. Al Jazeera reported that a Syrian passenger jet was intercepted by Turkey on Wednesday on charges of carrying Russian munitions intended for the Syrian army.
Multiple days of armed conflict along the border resulted in the death of five Turkish civilians last week, reports the BBC.
The Turkish government endorsed support of Syrian opposition in a call for the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.
According to the Syrian Arab News Agency the Russian ambassador in Damascus has discussed the creation of a Syrian-Turkish security committee to maintain safety on each side of the border with regards to national sovereignty of both countries following these developments. Al Jazeera reports that no records show this conversation to involve Turkey at present.

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