Analysis: Fox News vs. National Public Radio

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For this analysis, I considered the differences and similarities between National Public Radio and Fox News via their websites and associated multi-media used throughout them.
Both media outlets have home page designs that somewhat resemble a traditional newspaper's front page. The white background is covered by black text, columns and eye-catching images. In the case of both sites tonight, the largest and most central of images relate to Hurricane Sandy and the evacuations it has caused. Both sites also contain many links that re-direct the reader to articles, photo slideshows and videos.
Fox News has an array of video links, and those videos tend to be unaccompanied by additional reporting or a transcript in plain text. NPR, on the other hand, has a lot of its radio programs linked to the site and a reader can listen to these special reports or full episodes of radio shows through a pop-up window. NPR has a section of their site devoted to music, and also seems to make use of more photo slide shows where Fox News opts for video reports.
Overall the reporting styles are varied. Many of the news topics are shared, though even Fox's regular print news stories seem to be written for a television audience's eyes. NPR has more focus on arts and entertainment.

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