Get Out the Vote Campaign Gets Personal

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Efforts from both Obama and Romney's campaign teams are focused on unprecedented amounts of personal data to strategically increase voter turnout this November.
In a format similar to telemarketing by credit card companies both parties will make use of a breadth of information including voters' home foreclosures, preferred vacation spots and their online porn viewing history, reports the New York Times.
This sort of data allows both sides to tailor ads for individuals on social media sites based on such criteria as their religious and moral opinions as calculated by data mining technologies.
The campaigns differ in their targeted audiences, though both seem focused on a strategic increase in voter turnout in contested swing states.
The Wall Street Journal reports statistics that Democrats outnumber Republicans in voter registration in five of the six swing states. The Democrat ticket's advantage isn't as dramatic as it was in 2008, but is still expanding.
Private analytic firms have led Romney's campaign strategy in the creation of persuasive voting ads more than Nov. 6 poll turnout demands reports the New York Times.
Still both camps will increase phone calls and pressure via social media outlets like Facebook regarding getting to the polls in the next several weeks. Popular strategies include asking voters how and when they will get to the ballot box. The actual answer isn't important to data gatherers, but the act of reflection on the part of the survey-taker is counted on to raise voter turnout levels.

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