Mental Illness May Have Been Factor in Fatal Workplace Shooting

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Parents of Andrew Engeldinger, the man responsible for the Sept. 27 workplace shooting, recently admitted mental illness may have played a role in their son's episode that left six dead at a Minneapolis sign company.
Chuck and Carolyn Engeldinger recalled their son's happy childhood being followed by dramatic changes in attitude toward the end of his high school years. According to Engeldinger's parents he began experimenting heavily with drugs and alcohol his junior and senior years of high school.
They suspect schizophrenia as a possible cause of their son's violent outburst. According to the couple, there is a history of the hereditary mental illness in their family.
Aside from a brief stint with anti-depressants, Engeldinger denied his parents' requests that he seek mental health treatment. He was never officially diagnosed with a mental illness, though his parents noted him display strange behaviors including fears of his being followed.
Prior to his death the Engeldingers had not spoken to their son in almost two years. Briefly before losing touch with him, the couple enrolled in a 12-week course sponsored by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for those close to individuals with mental health problems reports Fox News.
Police discovered at least three anti-depressant drug prescriptions in Engeldinger's name in a search of his home after the shooting. Minnesota Public Radio reported that authorities have not officially stated whether mental illness played a part in the crime.
Carolyn and Chuck Engeldinger have been collaborating with Sue Abderholden, executive director of the Minnesota NAMI chapter. The Engeldingers told the Star Tribune they granted the interview to offer their son as a notable case to inspire society to prioritize identifying and aiding individuals struggling with mental illness.
"We tried so hard to get him help," Engeldinger's mother said. "We couldn't force him. But he was suffering terribly."

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