Minnesota Veteran Awarded a Very Belated Purple Heart

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Vietnam veteran and Bloomington, Minn. native Mike Kirkpatrick was awarded a belated Purple Heart Saturday at 44 years after he earned it, reports the Pioneer Press.
Kirkpatrick told the Pioneer Press, "I'm very amazed and very happy to receive this. It's more than I expected. I just did my duty."
While on a patrol mission, Kirkpatrick's squad was hit by an enemy explosive, reports Kare 11. While he had been injured, Kirkpatrick moved quickly to aid his fellow Marines said Kare 11.
Kirkpatrick's comrades received their Purple Hearts in a more timely fashion and also contributed to his receiving the award this year in time for Veteran's Day reports the Pioneer Press.
"I couldn't believe he hadn't received the Purple Heart," fellow veteran Ron Oakes told Kare 11. "So, we made sure the letters were written. This is way overdue."
The award ceremony was led by Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar Saturday at Bloomington City Hall reports the Pioneer Press.
Kirkpatrick told the Pioneer Press after the ceremony he planned on wearing the award for the rest of the day and on really celebrating Veterans Day Sunday.

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