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I selected an article from intentionally because it is a magazine that seems to be directed at a very particular crowd: young, white and hip individuals. Vice is sold at the chain clothing store American Apparel and blends a combination of arts news, satire and politics that in my experience reading it can be at times highly offensive and at others considerate and boundary pushing compared to more mainstream and network-type news outlets.
In this piece, the writer seeks to bring a local angle from New York City to the currently escalating situation in Gaza. She does on the street interviews with protesters in New York.
The attempt to reach out and hear voices from average individuals on the street seems heartfelt, but is quashed by the actual makeup of the protest crowd. The article functions as a sort of photo poll, showing images of each interviewed individual prior to their statement or response to a question about the West Bank conflict.
There is some diversity in ages and levels of experience and knowledge of the conflict (for example, one of the interviewees is a founder of One Heart, an organization that provides aid to victims of terrorism). Still, the interviewees are overwhelmingly white and male and this poses a problem to gaining a more complex view of the whole story. There is a reasonable amount of consideration to be placed on the fact that this could also be the specific crowd's make-up and that perhaps a more diverse story could only have been sourced from a different crowd.

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