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In the NYT's obituary for famed Italian architect Gae Aulenti normal conventions for obituary writing are followed. The length of the piece is notably long as Aulenti is remembered for making headway for female architects.
Sources include a snippet from a statement by Giorgio Napolitano, Italian president, on Aulenti's talent as an architect. Quotes are also taken from past reviews of her work re-constructing Paris' Musée d'Orsay as she converted it from train station to a museum housing impressionists among other (mainly) French artists' works. These reviews include one NYT critic as well as a less favorable review from Italian newspaper Liberation. The article also directly quotes Aulenti effectively with some profound statements such as "More than anything, we were trying to recognize our own identity." Another architect, Philip Johnson, is quoted about her work at d'Orsay.
The lead is standard as it identifies Aulenti, some brief though important characteristics about her, the circumstances of her death and her age at death. The news value is important for architects and members of arts communities. The news might be most relevant to Italian or European architects, though the article does note that Aulenti's work extended far beyond Italy and France.
The article is reflective and paints an image of Aulenti's personality and the impact of her life's work through quotes from herself and others in arts communities.

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Nice job on this. It might have been fun to look another obit for Aulenti, if only for comparison's sake.

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