Bodies of Two Teen-agers Discovered in Little Falls Man's Basement

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A man from the Little Falls area has been arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder after the bodies of two teenagers shot on Thanksgiving were found in his basement reports the Star Tribune.
The man, Byron David Smith, 64, of Little Falls is currently being held and is expected to be charged Monday, Nov. 26, reports the Pioneer Press.
MPR reports school officials in Little Falls have identified the victims as Haile Kifer, 18, and Nicholas Brady, 17, cousins and both students popular amongst their classmates.
According to MPR, Smith admitted to Morrison County deputies Friday that he had shot two people the previous day around noon. The bodies were found in his basement that same day when the house was investigated on a suspicious activity call.
Smith claims the deaths resulted from self defense, as according to him Kifer and Brady had broken into his home reports the Pioneer Press. Morrison County Sherrif Michel Wetzel said Sunday in an interview with MPR that the scene of the crime led investigators to believe his actions exceeded simple self-defense.
John Lange, a neighbor of Smith, said Smith's home had been burglarized at least two times before and that he may have "snapped" this time when he heard an intrusion through his bedroom window, reported the Star Tribune.
Both deceased teenagers' schools, Little Falls High School and Pillager High School, will provide counseling services for their students following the death of these students reports MPR

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