Corcoran Update Met with Mixed Feelings

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The city of Corcoran, Minnesota will soon become the last town in Hennepin County to add sewer and water lines reports the Star Tribune.
The Star Tribune reports the sewer will cost $2.1 million and will become fully operational next year when a pumping station is built.
Press & News reports that Corcoran City Council's next task will be to decide who receives the new municipal services.
For now Mayor Ken Guenther and the council have made no formal action, reports Press & News. Dan Donahue, Corcoran city administrator, told Press & News a draft of applicants would be released for discussion within the next month.
The Star Tribune reports mixed feelings have resulted from the recent developments. The possibility of further development and commercialization of the town has raised both concern and praise from Corcoran locals reports the Star Tribune.

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