First Minnesotan Wolf Hunting Season Begins Today

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Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources is opening the regulated hunt to wolves for the first time ever this season, reports Alexandria's Echo Press
MSNBC reports Wisconsin will also participate in the wolf hunt this season.
Minnesota Public Radio reports all seven Ojibwe bands are banning the wolf hunt on their tribal lands. The Wisconsin DNR has closed all lands associated with Ojibwe bands there, while the Minnesota DNR will close only the sections that are fully owned by Ojibwe tribes, leaving private, state and federal property within reservations open to the hunt reports Minnesota Public Radio.
The Minnesota DNR states that prior to a former hunting ban, Minnesota was the only state in the lower 48 home to wolves when they were endangered.
The Echo reports early wolf hunting season runs Nov. 3-18 in 100 series deer permit areas and Nov.3-11 in 200 series deer permit areas. Late wolf hunting and trapping season is scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 24 through Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013.

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