Internet and Phone Service Disconnected in Syria

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Internet service as well as mobile and land telephone lines have become unreachable in Syria this afternoon reports the BBC.
The Guardian reports internet connectivity stopped completely at 12:26p.m. in Damascus.
Internet restrictions imposed in Syria have made it impossible to reach any of the country's 84 IP address blocks, reports internet intelligence authority Renesys.
Syrian government officials blame "terrorists" for the disconnection, reports the BBC.
Syrian civilians told Reuters mobile and land telephone lines have only worked intermittently in what may be the worst disruption to communication since conflict erupted last year.
This type of attack on communication services providers is not unheard of in the region. The BBC reports internet blackouts occurred in Libya often in areas controlled by Colonel Gaddafi.
Reuters reports the U.S. remains confident Syrian opposition will be able to circumvent the disconnect using technology provided by the U.S.

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