Over the Counter Energy Shots Cited in Relation to 13 Deaths

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An official from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration told the New York Times 5-Hour Energy, a high-caffeine and over-the-counter energy drink, has been cited in possible connection with 13 deaths over the last four years.
The Huffington Post reports the investigation was a follow-up after FDA reports potentially linked another beverage, Monster Energy, to deaths.
The Star Tribune reports some doctors currently advise their patients against the possible dangers associated with consumption of energy drinks. The Star Tribune reports Shelly Burgess, an FDA spokeswoman, warned against the risks of highly caffeinated beverages worsening underlying medical conditions in individuals.
Living Essentials, the company that produces 5-Hour Energy Shots, released in a statement that it was "unaware of any deaths proven to be caused by the consumption of 5-Hour Energy," reports the New York Times.

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