Power Outages Following Hurricane Sandy Continue

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The BBC reports nearly 1 million homes remain powerless in the Northeast following Hurricane Sandy. New York City had never experienced flood-waters over the 11-feet seen in an 1821 hurricane reported National Geographic.
Utility supplier ConEd said 228,000 customers in Manhattan currently without power should have it restored Saturday, though that would still leave 400,000 others in the city out-of-power reports NBC. ConEd also expressed hope that most power would be restored by Nov. 11, reported NBC.
"It is virtually impossible to protect the system from a storm like Sandy," Clark Gellings, a fellow at the industry's Electric Power Research Institute told National Geographic.
ConEd underground equipment was designed to withstand up to 12.5 feet of water, but Sandy's reached 14 feet and blew up the substation, reported National Geographic.
Throughout power-outages, the Huffington Post reported residents have expressed fear of high crime and limited ability to contact law enforcement.

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