Lapses in Minnesota Prison Health-Care System

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Inmates at state prisons and county jails are the only adults in America granted a constitutional right to health care. The Star Tribune reports this circumstance comes from a 1967 Supreme Court ruling that found these offenders to be "vulnerable" adults completely dependent on their guardians. The amount of care afforded these inmates is meant to be comparable to that given to other members of their community, said the Star Tribune.
A high level of care though, as stories from the Pioneer Press and the Star Tribune report instances of negligence resulting in the death of one prisoner and the near-death of another in the last two years.
Xavius Scullark Johnson, an inmate at Rush City prison never finished his five-month sentence as he died of complications related to a seizure, reported the Pioneer Press. His family filed a lawsuit for $1 million in damages related to negligence against two nurses at the jail reports the Pioneer Press. One of the nurses, Denise Garin, turned away an offer for an ambulance to transport Scullark Johnson to a nearby hospital the same night he died in Rush City prison, reports the Pioneer Press.
Other practices used to cut costs and save on space have resulted in discomfort for inmates, like the "double-bunking" methods used in Stillwater reported by KSTP.

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