Violence Erupts in Belfast Over Flag Dispute

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Al Jazeera reports that at least eight police officers were injured during the riots.
Belfast's council voted Monday to change its policy on the Union flag, reported the BBC. Al Jazeera reports the anger in Northern Ireland following the decision has been expressed by Protestant loyalists who believe Northern Ireland should strengthen ties to Britain.
The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) told Al Jazeera that five people were arrested following clashes between police and hundreds of loyalists in the city center Friday night.
Violence ensued when two cars were set ablaze, reported Al Jazeera. According to the BBC protesters outside of city hall used metal barriers, bottles and golf balls to attack police.
Police told Al Jazeera that around 1,000 people rioted Monday and 15 police officers were injured.
The BBC reports Nationalist politicians had argued removing the flag would ease tensions in the divided city by creating a more "equal and neutral" environment.

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