11.8 research


I've been looking around for material we can use in our presentation. Here are some sources that I found helpful and potentially useful.

Alexander Sumarokov:

Sumarokov's Russianized "Hamlet": Texts and Contexts:

Boileau and Sumarokov. The Manifesto of Russian Classicism:

I found a book, literally "A History of Russian Theatre" but apparently the library reports that it is lost..... Right!?!?

Hope some of this information will prove useful!


-This talks about the history of Russian theatre. It touch base on the ibfluences on pre-theatre and folk drama.

-Origin of Russian theatre.

-Mini-timeline of russian theatre.

-Double origin of russsian theatre; mystery and comedy.

This is wonderful! Today, I'm going to the library to pick up some plays by Sumarokoff that relate to our topic of religion. There are a few other plays I've discovered, but I'm not sure if they have them in the library. The hunt continues!

If you find books that look interesting but that don't exist in the library, then you can use Inter-Library Loan to have the book sent here. Check it out on the library website.

Slonim, Marc. Russian Theater From The Empire to the Soviets. 1961. First edition, pg 17-27.

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