Hey guys, I'm still trying to figure out how to use this blog, but I hope this works. Despite the book on the works of Sumarokov being unhelpful and being unable to get the interview, I did some more digging through the Women in Russian Culture and Society book I found today, and it's proving to be invaluable. I know our area of focus isn't necessarily women, but it's giving us great point to branch out from. I'll start with the correct citation and then copy my notes.

Rosslyn, Wendy, and Alessandra Tosi. Women in Russian Culture and Society, 1700-1825. Hampshire: PALGRAVE MACMILLAN, 2007. Print.

Names of interest-
- Johann Gregory
- F. G. Volkov
- A. P. Sumarokov
- D. I. Fonvizin
Tsar Alexis initially banned all theater until 1670's due to his second wife, Natal'ia Naryshkina
Alexis asked Johann Gregory (German clergyman) to write "court theater productions" praising God and monarch
Males played all roles
Tsarina and children had to watch through holes in the wall or between wooden slats in walls
Westernization under Peter I changed views of theater
Natal'ia Alekseevna (sister to Peter I, daughter of Natal'ia Naryshkina) kept theater in Russia, hosting plays in private theaters
Natal'ia A. was first female Russian playwright and first person to cast women in plays
Praskov'ia Saltykova (widow of Peter I co-tsar Ivan V) and her third daughter, Ekaterina Ioannovna made theater privately run but open to the public
Three Italian troupes visited between 1731 and 1735, mostly commedia del'arte, ballet, and opera
First professional theater company in Russia was founded by Elizaveta Petrovna, 1756

All other information I have found so far is either past 1750 or only pretaining to opera or ballet exclusively. I will post when I have more information!

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